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Fine Art Prints

Planet Unicorn Collective

We provide a range of services

Timelapse Photography

Stock or custom, Planet Unicorn’s talented artists bring captivating timelapses to your projects.

Video Editing

An editor has done his job well when no one notices his work, and ours live by those words.

Web Development

Our team builds interactive, responsive and engaging websites that support brands of all ages.

Digital Photography

Find beautiful stock images or commission original works from our artists for web or advertising.

Logo Design

A great logo can speak for itself, and our artists and designers know how to make them sing.

Social Media

Social Media is not a soapbox, and our award-winning team knows how to drive brand engagement.

Video Production

Our producers understand visual storytelling and can bring your brand to life through video.


Our experienced developers build software that is immediately engaging and easily understood.

Content Marketing

Become a thought-leader in your industry by working with our experienced writers and strategists.

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Featured Collections

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Looking for a photos to enhance your brand, business, website or even your office? Our team has a vast archive of extraordinary footage from all over the world. Browse our Archive or contact us for more information.


Interested in licensing entire films or in parts? Our team has a massive library of footage from all over the country and now from around the world. Browse our Archive or contact us for more information.


Looking for something more unique and custom to you and your brand? We are happy to produce original pieces specific to your needs. Our team will travel as necessary and deliver a finished product you will love. Contact us to discuss your next great project.

Art is meant to open the human heart to truth and beauty, goodness and unity. It is like a finger pointing to the moon. It is not the finger that is important, it is the moon.

Brother Thomas

Life is like a camera lens. Focus only on what’s important and you will capture it perfectly.